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July 15, 2006

Seoul Brotha’s Grand Opening!

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Hello all,

I just saw that I’m now on the Korean Blog list and I just sent out an email to my friends and colleagues about my blog, so I guess this is the official grand opening of Seoul Brotha! Get it? Half-black, half-Korean. Seoul Brotha. TT would understand. So ya, I accepted a position with Topia English Zone in Junggye-dong, Nowon-gu Seoul, South Korea. So, this is what I now have to do according to an email I got from my recruiter:

Hello Adrian

Thanks for your email.

Let me tell you the next step for the Visa.

Please send the visa documents to the school ASAP.
These are documents for the Visa.

– Your original diploma
– Transcript ( Sealed one) ( Sealed(unopened) one from the university is necessary
1…. Transript should has a university’s stamp on the sealed envelop.
2….. Transcript should has a issued date in the transcript(not on the envelop).

So, When you ask about your transcript to the university, Please let them fill this requirements.
– A photocopy of your Passport
– 4 passport size pictures.
– Your resume
— The original signed contract

—— Diploma will return to you after Visa processing. So, even though you send your original diploma, you can get it back again.

You can contact with the Korean consulate that is nearest from you.
I hope you send your all documents to School directly as soon as possible.
After we get all your documents, we will submit them to immigration to get your certified visa number . And then the immigration office will send the certified visa number to your email address , and Korean embassy will stamp your visa onto your passport. It’s good to make a phone call to the Consulate before going there.
You can pick up your ticket from the airline and with your visa in hand, and your bags packed you can start your adventure. Your employer will pick you up at the airport and take you to your apartment and the school.

After reading all of this I pulled a Marge Simpson


Now I just have to tell my parents in a few minutes!


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