Wandering Seoul

August 29, 2006

Finally, some free time!

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Hello, I’m back. Sorry about the little gap, I’ve been very busy. Ok, so I’ll have to keep this short and sweet as I have to work in a few minutes.

1. Korea is fucking hot!
2. For some reason, I now wake up at 8am on the nose. Alarm clock or no. For those who know me, 8am or just the “am” idea itself is just the devil’s work and has no place in the lives of humans.
3. I can’t post pictures right now. I’m at PC Bang’s.
4. Thursday I leave for Japan. Sweet!
5. 14 hour plane rides? see number 2.
6. Papa John’s here is better as well as KFC.
7. I’m hot (not in body temperature) I’m just hot.
8. With all the people staring at me, I feel like a fucking rockstar!
9. My workstaff is cool. I’ll have to cast them later. *Reminder
10. My kids are adorable! “Teacher, teacher. How do you spell delicious?” Fucking priceless.


August 25, 2006

I’m finally here!

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I am finally here in Seoul! That being said, I have had only about 2 hours asleep since I took off from Columbus Wed Night. I am running on fumes. I don’t have a cell phone, but my apartment has a landline. I don’t know the number yet. But once I get it, I will give it to whoever wants to get ahold of me.

My apartment? Kicks ass! It’s like three times bigger than my apartment in Columbus. Now I need a drink!

August 22, 2006

One day and a wake-up!

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That’s all I have and then I’ll be heading to Korea! I’ll get in there Friday morning at 5!. Ugh! Then the next week, I have to do the Japan Visa run because my visa number isn’t being issued until later this week. Tomorrow night, drinking with friends, a little D&D (not Dungeons and Dragons) is in order for the night.

Hopefully, I’ll have pics to show of that.

Here’s another trivia question: What is Michael Keaton’s (the actor) real name?

August 17, 2006


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This is my official rebuttal. Not all is rap or hip hop, but…

You will love rap…

…rap is your friend…

…love it!

You love rap!

For Rachel Lynn,

I had to dig deep, girl, for this one. I hope you’re still a fan. If not, “no soup for me for a month!”

For Jes,

I can’t believe I found this, Yar!

For Wray,

And let’s not forget the best one of all:

August 15, 2006

Changing Again

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Hello all, I have to change my flight again. I’m now leaving next Wed. I’m now just waiting for the visa number and off I go. Wow, I don’t have anything else to say.

This is for Shelly because she doesn’t like rap

But, since I like rap and everything else, I’m putting up a rap video also. And I will make you like rap Shelly

You like rap…

…like it I said…

…Like it!

You probably don’t like it, huh?

August 14, 2006

Stressed Out

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I still haven’t received my visa number! I have to send my passport to Chicago and then wait 3-5 days to have it sent back by Friday. If I don’t have it by tomorrow, I have the feeling that I am screwed. My parents keep barraging me with the same question over and over,(“Have you got your number yet?” in rapid succession x infinity). I’m normally a calm person, but my cool exterior is slowly melting away and revealing the raging demon underneath. *On a side note, props to me for using a big word like barraging.

My friend Mike helped me move my stuff to my parents house. I’m pretty much packed. I believe this Friday will by my going away/getting drunk off my ass party.

I still have to finish cleaning my apartment, get a haircut, renew my driver’s license, have an eye exam and contless other things.

Ok, talk to you later.

August 11, 2006

I need a hug

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It’s just how I’m feeling right now. Here’s a good video.

I have no idea…

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I can’t believe that I’m actually doing this…

50 Questions…

1. So, what did you do all day?:
Went to my parents house, watched soaps…shut it…ate dinner with them, went home and clean up my apartment/packed everything up.

2. What is the most expensive thing you’ve bought recently?
Gas for my car. Almost $40

3. Last concert (or show) you attended:
Dave Matthews at Star Lake Amphitheatre in Pennsylvania a few years back.

4. Coolest thing you’ve gotten in the mail lately:

5. Describe your favorite article of clothing:
My collection of jerseys. I’m lame and I’m tired right now. Plus, I’m a simple man.

6. Last video game played:
NCAA Football 07.

7. How many CDs do you have by any ONE artist or group?:
I get my stuff from I tunes.

8. What’s for dinner?:
I had spaghetti & meatballs.

9. Do you have any collections?:
Cell phones. I can’t help it.

10. What was the last board game you played?:
Trivial Pursuit-90s version

11. Who won?:

12. Do you subscribe to any magazines?
ESPN the Magazine

13. Last movie you saw at a theater:
Talladega Nights

14. Last movie you watched at home:
Dawn of the Dead

15. Do you have any special traditions only you or your family does?

16. What was the last thing you created:
I one man play that’s still a work in progress. It was a requirement for my MFA in Theatre.

17. Are you reading any books right now?:
Just finished A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby. Awesome book. I was thinking about buying Anderson Cooper’s memoir, Dispatches from the Edge: A Memoir of War, Disasters, and Survival or Night by Elie Weisel.

18. Do you remember your favorite book from childhood?:
Charlotte’s Web.

19. What do you do when you can’t fall asleep?:
Play video games

20. Have you ever randomly bumped into a actor/actress/or other generally famous person on the street?:

21. Are you more likely to read a book you’ve never read before if it’s been made into a movie?:
No, I usually read them before they are made into movies or thought of being made into movies.

22. Have you discovered what podcasts are yet? Do you have a favorite?:
Yes I have. PTI

23.What is your favorite kind of food that you only get to have once a year:
My mother’s sweet potatoes. They’re like crack.

24. What’s that noise?:

25. Last dvd box set you bought?:
Star Wars Episodes 4-6

26. Are there any musical artists that you used to like but don’t anymore because their style of music changed too much?:

27. Are there any covers you think are better than the original?
Jimi Hendrix’s Along the Watchtower, Tina Turner’s Proud Mary, and the Dave Matthews Band version of Time of the Season

28. What food(s) do you go to the store for ASAP when you run out?:
Pizza Pockets. The pepperoni kind.

29. Isn’t there another appropriate response for “I love you” besides “I love you, too.”?:
Ok, so in Empire Strikes Back when Han is about to be frozen, Leia says,

Leia: I Love you

Han’s response:

Han: I know
That is another response and a cool one at that.

30. Last new artist that you listened to and really liked:
Gnarls Barkley

31. Last new one you hated:
Um, Paris?

32. In which country do you wish you’d been born?
I’m extremely glad to be American, but the UK would have been cool too.

33. When was the last time you were scared shitless?:
I haven’t been

34. Do you like it when old ladies refer to you as “Dear”, or “Hon”, or “Sugar”?:
Sure why not.

35. What is your favorite physical flaw:
The scar between my eyes.

36. Share random fact about yourself:
I am not this open on a regular basis.

37. What’s the best field trip you ever went on?:
London in the summer of 05

38. Have you ever dressed up for Halloween at work?:

39. Do you have any clothes that you pilfered or inherited from your parents?:
I’m 6’ 220 pounds. My father is 5’ 9” 160 wet, and my mother is a small Korean woman.

40. How old is “old” to you?:
Your “old” when you start saying and believing that you are.

41. What was the last free thing you’ve gotten?:

42. What’s your favorite black and white movie?:
The Seventh Seal

43. What color would you like to bleed?:

44. Do you know any Furries?:

45. If you have a wall calender, what kind is it?:
A calendar of New Orleans. Proceeds of my small purchase help disaster relief for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

46. Have you ever been to a convention?:

47. If you were to dress up as a musician, which one would you be?:
Any blues musician.

48. Do you have a thing about ruining new stuff by personalizing?:

49. Ever have those moments when you realize that you somehow just cheated death?:
once or twice and it was followed by a big “whew!”

50. Does it boggle your mind?:
Every day.

August 8, 2006

New Trivia Question

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Ok, what movie is this from and who said it?

I want to tell you with my last breath that I have always loved you. I would rather be a ghost, drifting by your side as a condemned soul, than enter heaven without you. Because of your love, I will never be a lonely spirit.

August 3, 2006

Coup de Boule

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Tee-hee hee! You totally have to check this out!

PARIS (Reuters) — Three weeks after France’s World Cup final soccer defeat, the song inspired by captain Zinedine Zidane’s fateful head-butt on Italy defender Marco Materazzi has hit number one in the nation’s singles chart.

“As of today, it’s No. 1 in the French charts. It has had an exceptional start, better than we could ever have hoped for,” said Thierry Chassagne, president of Warner Music France, which distributes the song.

Coup de Boule, the French for “head-butt”, was written by the three associates of Plage Records, a small label specializing in jingles and sound effects, the day after France’s July 9 defeat in Berlin.

Zidane, one of the finest footballers of his generation, was sent off for head-butting Materazzi after exchanging comments with the Italian defender in extra time with the score at 1-1. Italy won the final after a penalty shoot-out.

The label’s founders, brothers Emmanuel and Sebastien Lipszyc, and composer Franck Lascombes, penned the catchy reggae-style song and its chorus “Zidane, il a tape” (“Zidane, the hit man”), as a cure for their post-defeat blues.

Initially e-mailed to about 50 friends, the song quickly invaded the Web, with French radio SkyRock putting it on its play-list and ringtone sellers and music labels fighting for the rights.

Warner Music France eventually bought the song from the trio and two days after its release on July 20, the tune was No. 2 in the French charts, selling 17,000 copies.

More than 75,000 copies were sold in stores in the last 10 days and the tune has been downloaded more than 110,000 times.

“It’s all really thanks to the Internet and the very speedy release of these products. Five years ago this would not have been possible,” Chassagne said.

Coup de Boule is already the best-selling ringtone in the country and Warner is preparing Spanish, Japanese and even Italian versions of the song.

Zidane, who has now retired as a player, was fined $6,000 and handed a three-match ban by FIFA’s disciplinary committee.

The Italian defender, who admitted insulting Zidane, was handed a two-match ban and fined $4,000.

Copyright 2006 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved.

Coup do Boule-French Lyrics
Coup de Boule
Attention c’est la danse du Coup de Boule!
(Coup de boule, coup de boule)
Coup de boule à droite
(Coup de boule, coup de boule)
Coup de boule à gauche
(Coup de boule, coup de boule)

Allez les bleus!
Zidane il a frappé, Zidane il a tapé (Coup de boule!)* 4x

Le rital, il a eu mal
Zidane il a frappé
l’Italien ne va pas bien
Zidane il a tapé
L’arbitre l’a vu à la télé
Zidane il a frappé
Mais la coupe on l’a ratée
On a quand même bien rigolé

Zidane il a frappé, Zidane il a tapé (Coup de boule!) 4x

Trezeguet n’a pas joué
Quand il a joué il a raté
Il a tout fait capoté
La coupe on l’a ratée
Barthez n’a rien arreté
C’est pourtant pas compliqué
Les sponseurs sont tous fâchés
Mais Chirac a bien parlé

Zidane il a frappé, Zidane il a tapé (Coup de boule!) 4x

Attention c’est la danse du Coup de Boule!
(Coup de boule, coup de boule)
Coup de boule à droite
(Coup de boule, coup de boule)
Coup de boule à gauche
(Coup de boule, coup de boule)
Coup de boule avant
(Coup de boule, coup de boule)
Coup de boule arrière
(Coup de boule, coup de boule)

Et maintenant penalty
Attention il va tirer
un, deux, trois…c’est raté!

Zidane il a frappé, Zidane il a tapé (4x)

On a quand meme bien rigolé
Zidane et Trezeguet
La coupe on l’a ratée
Zidane et Trezeguet (2x)
Et Trezeguet…et Trezeguet…et Trezeguet guet guet
(Coup de boule, coup de boule)
et Trezeguet
(Coup de boule, coup de boule)
et Trezeguet
(Coup de boule, coup de boule)
et Trezeguet
(Coup de boule, coup de boule)

Loose English translation of Coup de Boule

Watch out, it’s the headbutt dance!
(Headbutt, headbutt)
Headbutt to the right
(Headbutt, headbutt)
Headbutt to the left
(Headbutt, headbutt)

Go Blues!
Zidane, he hit [him], Zidane, he slapped [him] (Headbutt!)* 4x

The guido, he was hurt
Zidane hit [him]
The Italian’s not doing well
Zidane slapped [him]
The ref saw it on the TV
Zidane hit [him]
But we lost the World Cup
We had a good laugh anyways

Zidane, he hit [him], Zidane, he slapped [him] (Headbutt!) 4x

Trezeguet didn’t play
When he played he sucked
He screwed up everything
We lost the World Cup
Barthez didn’t stop anything
And it’s not even complicated
The sponsers are all angry
But Chirac was eloquent

Zidane, he hit [him], Zidane, he slapped [him] (Headbutt!) 4x

Watch out, it’s the headbutt dance!
(Headbutt, headbutt)
Headbutt to the right
(Headbutt, headbutt)
Headbutt to the left
(Headbutt, headbutt)
Headbutt to the front
(Headbutt, headbutt)
Headbutt to the back
(Headbutt, headbutt)

And now it’s the penalty
Attention please, he’s gonna shoot
One, two, three…he missed!

Zidane, he hit [him], Zidane, he slapped [him] (4x)

We had a good laugh anyways
Zidane and Trezeguet
We lost the World Cup
Zidane and Trezeguet (2x)

And Trezeguet…and Trezeguet…and Trezeguet-guet-guet
(Headbutt, headbutt)
and Trezeguet
(Headbutt, headbutt)
and Trezeguet
(Headbutt, headbutt)
and Trezeguet
(Headbutt, headbutt)

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