Wandering Seoul

August 14, 2006

Stressed Out

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I still haven’t received my visa number! I have to send my passport to Chicago and then wait 3-5 days to have it sent back by Friday. If I don’t have it by tomorrow, I have the feeling that I am screwed. My parents keep barraging me with the same question over and over,(“Have you got your number yet?” in rapid succession x infinity). I’m normally a calm person, but my cool exterior is slowly melting away and revealing the raging demon underneath. *On a side note, props to me for using a big word like barraging.

My friend Mike helped me move my stuff to my parents house. I’m pretty much packed. I believe this Friday will by my going away/getting drunk off my ass party.

I still have to finish cleaning my apartment, get a haircut, renew my driver’s license, have an eye exam and contless other things.

Ok, talk to you later.


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