Wandering Seoul

September 22, 2006

Gone too long

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I’m back again! Sorry. I’ve been really busy lately and haven’t gotten around to doing this much. I don’t have my camera with me, but I do have some pictures of Osaka, Japan. I was there a week ago. Japan’s really cool! Sushi rules! I’ll talk about it more this weekend. I’m going to do some exploring of Seoul this weekend. So expect alot of pics coming soon!


September 11, 2006

Pics From Saturday Night!

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September 4, 2006


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In honor of The Ohio State University’s destroyal of Northern Illinois, here is SCRIPT OHIO!!!!

Namsan Tower

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This past Saturday, I had the pleasure to hang out with supercool Jes and her friend Jamie and co-worker Jamie. It was awesome to hang out with them and I’m sure we’ll do it some more.

Ok, so when I got off the subway station, I didn’t know of the numered exits, so I was waking around the Yaksu 약수 station for about 20 minutes. Jes and I finally met up and I had the best egg and bacon sandwitch ever. EVER. We then took a train to meet Jamie and then headed to the tower. Very cool cable car ride and the tower itself was amazing!

Incidently, Jes and I are going to start the first ever Han River Festival in Seoul. Details will be given later!

We then walked down the mountain…it took forever to go down hill. Next time, rollerblades. We then parted ways and hopefully hook up later this week.

Did I mention the Han River Festival?

Here are some pics



Jes and Jamie

Jackass photos

The coolest photo opportunity ever! Why? Because in the bathrooms, the urinals are overlooking Seoul. I literarlly took this photo of Seoul while “taking care of busines.”

Am I a jackass? Yes. Is the photo sweet? Yes.

The American Food Invasion

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It’s getting more popular here year after year. Here are a few American chains in the ROK

I will say this about the Western foods here. It’s better here than at home in the States. I kid you not. I don’t know what it is, but it honestly tastes better. Whenever I have my camera and I run into some more places, I’ll post them.


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On my first weekend here, I met my aunt and her children. Names escapes me. I’m horrible, I know. So, none of them speak English and I don’t speak Korean. I turned to be a lot of smiling and nodding and improvised sign language. When they entered my house, the immediately and I MEAN immediately went into a beautiful choreographed orchestration of cleaning my apartment. No matter how many times I protested, I was given a brush off and left to watch. They were great and it was awesome to meet relatives on my Korean side for the first time in my life!

My Little Cousins and me

Incendently, when my little cousin talked to my grandmother, he said that he just met Hines Ward! If you don’t know who Hines Ward is, he’s a wide reciever for the Pittsburgh Steelers and he also is half black and half Korean. He’s very famous here in Korea


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This is my kick ass apartment in Seoul and some views from it!

This is the view into my living room.

These are some pics from my porch on the 9th floor.

The best of all is this. If you go out of my building and walk 20 feet north, you’ll see this:

That would be my apartment.


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Wow! Ok, sorry that I haven’t posted any pics or videos in a while. But I have a whole slew of them now. So here it goes. This is some pics of me and Wray at the airport. Wray took me there because…I really couldn’t drive myself…because I would have to leave my car at the airport…which is just…silly…

Yes, that is a zit. Shut it!

And my personal favorite!

Some cool pics in my opinion!

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